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Nederlands Sociaal Forum (in English: Dutch Social Forum)

The Nederlands Sociaal Forum (NSF, in English: Dutch Social Forum) is one of the many social forums that are organised worldwide.

The first World Social Forum (WSF) was held in 2001, in Porto Alegre in Brazil. It marked the beginning of a number of successful conferences aimed at a different form of globalisation whereby the starting-point is that a different world is not only possible but also necessary. These conferences focus on the exchange of ideas, actions and reflections and on finding ways towards a just and sustainable globalisation.

The WSF process wants to emphasise the links between local and international initiatives, and between the many different organisations and movements that act for a different world in which a humane existence and sustainable development instead of the economic interests of a select group are central for everyone. The WSF process stimulates discussion and the exchange of ideas within the alter-globalisation movement, with the aim of fortifying that movement.

The first conference was followed by a second in 2002, again in Porto Alegre. The number of participants grew to more than 50,000 and a decision was made to decentralise the process. Meanwhile this has led to countless continental and national social forums that execute the WSF process (see www.forumsocialmundial.org for an overview).

Following the WSF and the ESF, the NSF is an open meeting place for the exchange of ideas, the creation and the strengthening of networks and a breeding ground for action. The NSF aims to unite as many people as possible who want to work on a different world, and a different Netherlands.

The NSF 2006 was held from 19 till 21 May 2006 in the city of Nijmegen. The programm consisted of dozens of workshops and seminars, debates, culture and action.

The NSF wants to reinforce cooperation between groups that resist these developments by offering a meeting place where all these organisations and individuals feel at home.

The NSF is organized by all the organisations in the Netherlands that want to cooperate and that have signed the Charter of Principles of the WSF. All these organisations will come to the meetings in the preparation phase of the NSF and will form 'The NSF movement'.

Organisations can participate by signing the Charter of Principles .